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We cannot get your Pokémon back for you, so always trade/battle at your own discretion. Warning, then 5 minute ban -- This is particularly annoying.

Do not ask for other people to create a tournament.5 minute ban -- If you mention a Shiny Event, you must specify where it is coming from.There are only certain Shiny Events that we allow to be mentioned, as only some shiny events are legitimate.Shiny Manaphy - Must state that is is from the Manaphy Egg.Shiny Deoxys - Must state that it is from Birth Island from Fire Red/Leaf Green.

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    Roopal accepted Ankit’s proposal and they went on romantic dates.

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    It's understandable that the prison storyline is personal to Mike because of all the crap that happened to him when he was on the inside, but it would have made things much easier if Mike told Oliver to accept the payout.