Rules for relationships and dating am i dating the wrong guy

But when it comes down to it, for me at least, dating rules are a personal thing and vary from relationship to relationship.

However, there are some exceptions, and by that I mean there are some rules we all need to follow, whether we’re in an exclusive relationship or something more casual.

"Your gaggle is the group of guys who you might not be 'dating' or in a defined relationship with, but who fulfill some sort of need in your life," Massa explains.

"They are helping you figure out who you are, what you want, and what type of man you ultimately desire." These dudes can include The Hot Sex Prospect, The Career Booster, and The Ex-Boyfriend Who's Still Around.

Make yourself available to who you might meet and where the evening could take you."The more you're open to letting guys show you all the different sides of themselves, the more likely you'll surprise yourself and fall in love with one of them," Massa explains. Finally, you and The Prospective Boyfriend are doing something romantic that could lead to something serious.

Remember that he's already your friend, so there's a whole lot that he likes about you, Massa says. That means no crazy makeup or boob shirts when he's used to seeing you casual.

Source: Shutter Stock joserags: No one can read your mind. So many people seem to think that being in love means that you share a brain. Ignoring your telepathically-communicated thoughts means nothing; ignoring your clearly stated wishes means there is a real issue We always talk about communication, but that's because it's so important in any kind of relationship.

Don't forget that no matter how close you are with someone, they still won't know what's going through your mind all the time!

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Source: Shutter Stock PM_ME_UR_TITHES: Coffee and food dates get boring after a while. Source: Shutter Stock Green Gems Omally: When you're in a fight, try to attack the problem or the behavior, not the person.If you want "girl time" to just hang out with your friends, don't tell me that I don't care about you when I want to watch football with the guys. You can't say that your BF can't talk to other girls, but get mad when he gets annoyed about you talking to other guys.Source: Shutter Stock b4_it_was_cool: Learn to carry your half of the conversation.Source: Shutter Stock thisis Africasgirl: When in a relationship, be faithful.If you want to date/sleep with someone else be courteous enough to end your relationship first. Sounds simple enough, but you'd be surprised at how many people can't follow this rule.

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