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The idea is you are coming to the Wellington Combined College end of year show that students who received the most 2017 detentions have been obliged to devise and produce in the name of Restorative Justice.[more] Ideal for a staff social-club Christmas outing?[more] See also reviews by: Dione Joseph (2) (New Zealand Herald); Strong ensemble harmonies but weak crafting of narrative Theatre is, by its nature and at its best, a collaborative art form; here, however, Maurice seems to be a bit of a one-man-band, serving as writer, composer, director, producer and one of the plays performers.Her skill levels in each of these vastly different roles vary wildly, and I come away from the performance feeling like Maurice has bitten off more than she can chew.[more] May confirm your suspicions, reveal new insights and/or alter your perception of politics and politicians Question Time Blues is Delahuntys personal public detox after three terms almost nine years as an opposition member of parliament (following five years as the Green Partys female convenor).Her subjective, objective and heartfelt show-and-tell consists of a couple of dozen astutely crafted, insightful and satirical poems ...Students try their hands at a range of fun and exciting theatre skills, from movement and singing, to stage combat and acting for stage and camera.

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[more] - THE AUCKLAND THEATRE AWARDS 2017 ANOTHER HUGE YEAR FOR THE AUCKLAND THEATRE AWARDS The 9th Annual Auckland Theatre Awards were an uproarious success on Monday night in the Wintergarden at The Civic.

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[more] - The RATS: AOTNZ names top Regional Arts Touring awards Every year Arts On Tour NZ sends Kiwi musicians and actors around the country, bringing top talent to quality town and country venues from Northland to Invercargill and sometimes Stewart Island.

We get to know our venues pretty well, and this year decided to name winners in the inaugural Regional Arts Touring awards (RATS) - selected by popular vote from touring artists and staff.

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