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The expectation of anonymity within a local area also emboldens cyber-bullies and local predators. Another online trend is a growing number of sites and apps offering users the opportunity to post confessions, secrets, and regrets.

The fire is supposed to burn just long enough for someone to video the experience.Often the targets—our kids—don’t think they need protecting.A 2012 study by Mc Afee indicated that almost 70% of teens hide their online activity.Snap Chat Considered a primary sexting app, a message, photo, or video is supposed to disappear after the time limit set by the user.But with a simple screen shot, recipients can save the picture and share it whenever they choose.

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    The Outdoor Decor The patio areas attached to the suites take elements from both styles: a modern wire chair (looks like CB2's Igloo chair, below) plays surprisingly well off tribal rugs and a vintage picnic table.

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    Dia's wedding festivities began with a mehendi ceremony on October 16, followed by a sangeet ceremony on October 17 in Delhi.