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My body started to warm up all over, and the room was getting pretty warm as well I thought. I usually have it almost like a sauna in here though during massages," he mentioned as though he noticed me getting a little sweaty."No problem, I actually like it like this," I assured him, continuing to have my eyes closed, completely relaxed in bliss."I can knock that price all the way off, if you want some extra help," he said as he reached down to start rubbing his cock."I'd love a little bit extra help," I said through a light moan, and lifted my face up, sliding up to get closer to his cock and touched it.This was my first ever time getting a massage, and I didn't get any tips or anything like that which led me to believe this would have a "happy ending".I was so happy when it did end that way though, and have been back more than once since.I was slightly confused as to how to react, but there was point in avoiding it being known. " He asked, continuing to deeply rub and massage my thighs.

This past Summer, I felt super tense for like a week or so, and it was really bothering me.

"I've got to say, it's easy massaging someone like you who's smooth all over, no hair at all to make it rough or anything like that," he mentioned.

I totally forgot that I was smooth all over, and didn't even think twice about it until now.

"Nope, but I've been looking forward to this," I said with my head face down.

"Well, I promise you'll enjoy yourself," he said with a charming tone.

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