Friends before dating quotes

Basically, you put the ball in his hands and you give him the opportunity to lead.

When it comes to friendship, there are no strings attached and you are free to date and see other people if you like, because you’re not tied to him, you’re not obligated to him, and you don’t owe him any explanations for the decisions you make.

I have seen enemies turn into friends, and friends into enemies.

Some people make friends readily, and others do not.

On that same note, you'll be aware of his bad fashion sense, his corny jokes, and his strange fondness for period pieces before you start dating him.

Heck, you might even love him all the more for the quirks you would find annoying in anybody else.2.

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Think back, do you remember hearing these words over and over and not knowing what to do and feeling frustrated, mad, and going through a hard time accepting it.

You're more or less aware of each other's relationship history.

Dating a friend might seem less glamorous than falling in love at first sight, but what's more suspenseful than decoding a friend's flirty mixed signals for signs of romantic intentions?

Aren't you ready for someone who still makes for good company even after the passion starts to plateau?

Plus, just imagine the energy that you and a friend-turned-boyfriend will share after months (even years!

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    Keep things short and chatty to test the waters, remember that you don’t have anything to lose by reaching out and have fun getting to know the person on the other side of the profile; once you are ready, set up that first date!

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    Thomas, assistant professor of sociology at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

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