Effects of consolidating student loans

The Loan Final Disclosure is the last step in the loan process and is your final opportunity to cancel your loan without any penalty.

Click here for an example of a Loan Final Disclosure.

Cosigner release To be released as the cosigner from a loan, each of the following requirements must be met: Borrower Application and Promissory Note (PDF) Fixed Rate Loan Application Disclosure (PDF) Variable Rate Loan Application Disclosure (PDF) Borrower Financial Statement Information (PDF) Borrower Federal Student Loan Benefits Waiver (PDF) Borrower Authorization for Release of Student Loan Information (PDF) Cosigner Credit Application and Promissory Note (PDF) Cosigner Financial Statement Information (PDF) Automatic Payment Withdrawal (PDF) Apply online by clicking “Apply now” below.

Click “Login\Create Account” then “Apply Online” on the left side of the screen.

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BND will distribute your loan to your other lenders as soon as the required waiting period has passed.

** The variable interest rate will never exceed 10%.

Learn more about fixed and variable interest rates.

The DEAL Consolidation Loan is for non-North Dakota residents who have a DEAL Student Loan.

This program allows you to refinance your DEAL Student Loans along with any other private/alternative student loans you have with other lenders into one new loan.

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